• Please see the IMPORTANT information below.

    Please see the IMPORTANT information below.

  • Prevent Choking and Pulling

    Prevent Choking and Pulling

    Our innovative design involves more than clipping your leash to the front; the unique fit and methods give dogs Touch Guidance™ with their sense of touch, to prevent choking and pulling.

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  • Stress-Free Walks, Training, and Companionship

    Stress-Free Walks, Training, and Companionship

    Other products work against relationships by using restraint, leverage, and discomfort, to discourage behavior. Softouch harnesses instead, encourage natural behavior.

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  • Office Hours

    Office Hours

    Our NEW phone hours:
    Monday - Thursday 9:00A - 3:30P PST,

    Please leave a voicemail on Fridays. We will respond to voicemail the following business day.
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Front-Connection™ Dog Leashes and Training Lines

FCL Snap only
Unique and easy to use, the Front-Connection™ leash offers extra safety and limits harness shifting. Two snaps work side-by-side with our restraint-free™ leash methods. One snap clips to the TOP of a Front-Connection™ harness leash ring; the second snap clips to your dog's collar ring.
​NOTE: As of 1/2019 the 1" wide Leash has been redesigned utilizing the 3/4" snaps to reduce weight.


  • Made of soft and water resistant webbing: Softouch™ custom polyester.
  • 6 foot length for leashes. 10 and 20 foot lengths for training lines. 
  • 5/8", 3/4", 1" widths.
  • General approach: Width of line/leash should match harness width or be narrower

List price: $19.00 - $27.00

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 Front Leash Connection