Linda SadieLinda Lady is Vice President and Creative Director at Softouch Concepts, Inc.

She invented the Original Front-Connection™ harness (also known as Front-Clip) and Front-Connection™ leash. Linda has been training since the seventies and has a passion for no-force, stress-free training. After working with horses and dogs for over 25 years, she discovered dogs have the same reflex response to sense of touch that horses have.

As she applied horse training methods to her dog training, she uncovered a new concept of why dogs pull.

Inspired by this discovery, she began creating methods for walking and training dogs based on her horse background. The patented methods are called Touch Guidance™. They encourage natural behavior with selective body cues to give dogs guidance. Linda then created the SENSE-ation® harness as a training tool to support the methods. She called it SENSE-ation® to spotlight how sense of touch and sensations impact dog behavior - especially pulling behavior. It is not a no-pull harness. No-pull harnesses are made to discourage pulling with discomfort, restraint, and leverage. The SENSE-ation® harness system is restraint-free and prevents pulling. It was the first harness invented to enhance basic commands and loose leash walking in positive reinforcement training classes.

Linda V2Linda is a member of The Pet Professional Guild and a member of The Association of Professional Dog Trainers (member #107 since 1994). Her background with dogs includes dog training in early development, obedience and rehabilitation. She has experience working in a kennel, veterinary office and with an assistance dog organization as a puppy raiser and contract puppy class trainer. Linda has also performed pet assisted therapy service. Her background with horses includes working as a trainer / handler at a commercial thoroughbred race horse farm and she has owned and trained horses privately. Linda has a Masters in Business and a Bachelor degree in Therapeutic Recreation Administration. She has conducted an academic study of training dogs for therapeutic recreation and has 10 years of experience as an Independent Management Consultant.

Available Colors

Black Black
Purple Purple & Black (Black Girth Strap)
Green Green & Black (Black Girth Strap)
Red & Black (Black Girth Strap)
swatch-fawn Fawn & Black
(Black Girth Strap)
Pink Pink / Pink & Black (Black Girth Strap)
swatch blue Blue & Black (Black Girth Strap)

Sizing Chart

Mini (7/16" webbing)
13 - 16.5" girth 6 - 12 lbs.
X-Small (7/16" webbing)
16.5 - 20.5" girth 12 - 20 lbs.
XS Wide (5/8" webbing)
16.5 -20.5" girth 12-20 lbs
Small (5/8" webbing)
20 - 24.5" girth 21 - 33 lbs.
Medium (3/4" webbing)
24 - 28" girth 34 - 60 lbs.
Med / Large (3/4" webbing)
26 - 32" girth 40 - 75 lbs.
Med / Large (1" webbing)
27 - 32.5" girth 40 - 75 lbs.
Large (3/4" webbing)
Large (1" webbing)
32 - 40" girth 70 - 130 lbs.
X-Large (1" webbing)
39 - 50" girth 131 - 200 lbs.