Benefits of Our Front-Connection™ Dog Harnesses

Front-Connection™ dog harnesses are more than no-pull harnesses, they help solve all on-leash problems and enhance companionships. Our unique harness system was inspired by new concepts from horse training that can help you understand your dog. Both dogs and horses have a similar response to sense of touch. They brace against pressure (touch reflex) which is why dogs brace against collars and pull on leashes. With our restraint-free™ methods, dogs feel gentle pressure (sensations) like horses feel a rider's leg pressure. Dogs love this no-force approach!

  • Increases attention
  • Enhances dog-friendly, stress-free training
  • Prevents choking, stress and injuries
  • Good for shy, nervous and fearful dogs
  • Helps create a calm and responsive dog
  • Accelerates basic training; sit, wait, stay, heel
  • Helps solve pulling, lunging, jumping and other on-leash problems
  • The training effect generalizes well to when your dog is not wearing the harness
  • Keeps your dog happy!

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  • Easy on and off
  • All dogs can benefit
  • Easier to walk two dogs
  • You can use it with a collar
  • Great for pet assisted therapy and agility
  • You can use it right away – no acclimation period required
  • Provides more guidance for dogs with hearing or vision disabilities
  • You and your dog will both love it!

We provide a complete instruction brochure and recommend taking an optional training class with trainers familiar with our harnesses and methods. They can offer additional assistance and follow up to gain the full benefits.

*Our harnesses are not for use as a tie-out, car harness, or for on-leash running/jogging.