red sensible graphicPutting On

  1. Open snap buckle.
  2. Place RIGHT hand over the harness label on B strap.
  3. Face your dog and place B strap over his head and onto his back.
    The label will be on your dog's left side and the C strap will be over your dog's front (forechest).


Adjust (4) straps in the following order:

  1. B Strap (important)
    • Adjust the B strap to raise side rings.
    • Place side rings in the middle of your dog's sides (between your dog's back and girth).
  2. dog sketch 100711G Strap
    • Adjust the G strap to a snug fit (like a comfortable belt).
    • Reach under your dog with your LEFT hand and grasp the G strap to buckle.
    • Check for comfort room (one finger under strap) when your dog sits. The G strap needs to be snug to prevent the side rings from shifting forward (over your dog's shoulders) but not tight so your dog can sit comfortably.
  3. C Strap
    • Adjust both sides of C strap (carefully) to place the leash ring over your dog's breast bone.
    • Do not over-adjust. It is better to have the C strap loose than too tight.
    • Have your dog sit. If the C strap is horizontal with the leash ring held up by your dog's breast bone, you have adjusted the C strap enough.
    • The C strap will be horizontal only when your dog sits or when held up by your leash. When you look at your dog from the side while he stands, you should see the side rings are higher than the leash ring.
    • Your dog should mainly feel the B & G straps (belt behind front legs).

how to fit right wrongCheck The Fit

  • The Side Rings should be positioned in the middle of your dog's sides.
  • The Chest Strap is not horizontal when your dog stands (side rings are higher than the leash ring).
  • Your dog's chest expands when he sits and naturally raises the chest strap to a horizontal position.

Wrong Fit

  • The C strap is too low and too tight. This restricts the dog's shoulders and front legs.
  • The B strap should be shortened, the G strap lengthened, and the C strap(s)

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