After fitting your harness, the back strap assembly should measure slightly less than 1/2 your dog's girth measurement. If it is longer than 1/2 the girth, the harness is not fit correctly.

  1. Measure your dog's girth with a cloth measuring tape behind his front legs (A leash or a string will also work).
  2. Fold the measuring tape (or leash) in half.
  3. Use the tape as a guide to measure the back strap assembly (include side rings).


  1. Approach your dog from his RIGHT side.
  2. Grasp the short end of the G strap with your RIGHT hand.
  3. Reach under your dog with your LEFT hand for the long end of the G strap and buckle.


Squeeze sides of snap buckle and pull toward the ground.

Chest Strap Design

The chest strap should slack over your dog's shoulder when you pull your leash sideways. This is GOOD for your dog, giving him shoulder room to walk comfortably.